Thursday, May 10, 2012

it is no secret

it is no secret that i have always despised yard work. i would rather clean my house 3 times rather then be out in the yard...but with a bbq right around the corner and my mamma not having time to come help her clueless daughter I braved the weeds and yard myself last night. Nothing like knowing I will have a backyard full of people to give me some motivation to get myself out there. And....I hate to admit it but it wasn't that bad. and don't tell anyone but I may even have slightly enjoyed it. It helped that I had made a trip to good ole Home Depot and got myself a fun pair of yard gloves, and a couple tools, couple bags of bark dust and some flowers. Side note: i love Home Depot. There is so much to look at and it's always so inspiring to walk around the place. Anywho...I got back to the house and started going to town on my little backyard. I made some major progress but still have more work to do. But I was able to string some lights and lay some bark dust...and the progress is so noticeable that it made all the work worth it. With the bbq being tomorrow night...means i will again be out in the yard tonight..two nights in a row!!! here are a few instagram snapshots from yard work fun

hope everyone has a simply lovely thursday 

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