Monday, May 7, 2012

Flower Mania!

What a weekend! Not going to lie, it was a jam packed, busy, hectic weekend. I had two different events that needed flowers, and one those events I also had to work. Thankfully one good trait I have is working well under pressure. Actually, I probably work better when i am under some pressure. It was a weekend of late nights and early mornings but I am happy to report that all 65 flower arrangements were made and delivered and I am still in one piece. I will let the pictures describe the rest...

what i started with...a lot of empty vases...

because both events were OSU themed I wanted to work in some black on to the vases
my solution: striped fabric cut and glued onto the vases.
hello custom vases for super cheap 

thankful for our amazing corvallis saturday market.
i pretty much cleared them of flowers

my first event was at the Portland City Grill. Not a bad view for the evening 

every flat surface in my house was covered in arrangements

not going to lie. the first hour or so I spent starring at flowers and trying to create arrangements and not being happy with them. having never made so many arrangements before I think the daunting task really started to hit me. But with the clock ticking i turned the music up and stopped thinking so hard about it and from there the arrangements just flowed. Thankfully....

Hope everyone else had a simply wonderful weekend! 

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