Tuesday, May 1, 2012

technology makes us silly sometimes

the instagram version of my iphone
lets face it, we live in one heck of an iphone obsessed country. a group of my friends were out this last weekend and as we were sitting around the table i noticed that every single person had an iphone. if its not an iphone then its a droid, htc, or some other smart phone. our generation is obsessed with keeping "connected" at all times. however connected probably isn't the best word. we are more obsessed with appearing to be connected. We want our information to be out in the world, but more importantly we want to be able to find out whats going on in other peoples lives. Whats silly is that with all this technology we are partly a little more disconnected. We don't have to call someone and ask them how they are doing, and have that "in person" conversation. we just text them, facebook, or twitter them. its pretty much allows us all to be low level stockers to anyone we may be interested in. 

for 59.99 you can to get this "vintage" inspired phone
our iphones have also become our cameras, our camcorders, out personal assistants, computers, and can settle an dispute about random knowledge or answer to any random question we may have. along with keeping us connected we now have an obsession with making our high quality iphone cameras look like they are "vintage". with antique filters from instagram with fun borders so we apear almost more "simple". i for one am totally one of these instagram obsessed people. we also have "vintage" blue tooth cordless phones that we can buy to make it appear we are on an old school phone. we love our technology but i think we love the idea of how simple things used to be. I almost think that part of us wishes things weren't so connected ALL THE TIME and a little more mysterious. I'm not complaining at all about the amazing technology we use on a daily basis. i love technology. im obsessed with technology. but i do think part of us, part of me, misses how things used to be...just a little bit. not enough to ever give up our amazing other half we call an iphone, but just enough to feel nostalgic about all these different apps, and accessories we can get now. we are human. meaning we will probably always want something we don't have. whether thats a cool new gadget or a simpler way of living.

i know im not that techie of a girl but when i stumbled across these "vintage" inspired phones, that to me don't seem that "vintage" i just had to say something about this whole thing. 

random thoughts for a simply random techie tuesday. 

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