Monday, April 30, 2012

sometimes you need a day

this weekend was back to hecticness. i am finally feeling back to normal and with my sickness gone i wasted no time having a jam packed weekend schedule. saturday i was up at the crack of dawn prepping and helping my mom with a MASSIVE garage sale. It was very successful but had to cut my time short at the sale to head back to corvallis and meet up with my lovely bride. We got to talk wedding decor and design and picked out some AMAZING linens. They pretty much brought the wedding to a whole new level :) 

Sunday rolled around and I decided to take a day for me. anyone ever do that? where you just want to do what you want to do and not have to take anyone else's opinion into consideration. sounds kind of selfish but honestly it was perfection. I needed to head to Portland to purchase a few ton of vases so I just made a day out of it. Heres what it looked like..

wore my new casual fun cute sweatshirt. you can by comfy and cute. :)
however, i did discover my shoes are cute but not that comfy :( 

of course stopped at jamba to start my day off

purchased 66 vases from ikea. starting prep for two different events next weekend. totaling over 75 flower arrangements . crazy..i know..
made a stop to visit my dad. the moment i got to his spot the clouds cleared and sun came out.
a beautiful day.

attempted to do a little shopping but ended up making it to only like 2 stores.
but did get these super cute nikes
the cool thing about a me day, you don't have to please anyone but yourself. i had grand plans of doing more shopping, because honestly i do my best shopping alone. but i was tired and thankfully didn't have to drag myself anywhere but back to the car to drive home. successful me day for sure.

hope everyone had a simply great weekend! 

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