Monday, April 23, 2012

im alive....kinda...

looking out at the pretty sun from my spot on the couch
apparently my body has decided to give up on my non-stop busy schedule that its been enduring. Because for the last 7 days i have been on my butt. and when i say on my butt i mean on the couch or in bed sleeping, napping, and watching movies and not doing ANYTHING. i have never felt anything like whatever i have going on. I am constantly exhausted regardless of how much sleep im getting. Its exhausting being exhausted. Apparently this is my body's way of making up for sleep and rest...honestly..its probably making up for the last 3 years....And on top of that Oregon decided to finally have a sunny AND warm weekend. And of course it would happen when I am unable to enjoy any of the amazing benefits. knowing me I would have had made some calls and had the first bbq of the season. But that is okay. I am going to continue to take it easy. I do not want any sort of relaps of this thing. Today is the first day in a week that a i sense any sort of progress. Hopefully taking it easy for another week will do the trick. I have a busy May ahead of me and can't risk any sort of sickness. Anyways I hope everyone got to enjoy the sun for me! Looks like its decided to hang around for a couple more days! 

Have a simply wonderful monday. 

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