Monday, April 9, 2012

what a weekend

this weekend a productive, fun filled weekend. for the first time in a few weeks i finally feel like i am back to normal. No more sickness, my darn injured hip issue seems to be going away and the sun even came out to play. Which made for a pretty much great weekend. Saturday was a busy day of errand running and a quick trip to Portland to pick up a great friend who is visiting for the week. I also was able to finally secure a venue for my mom's birthday party and even made a quick stop at good Powell's. Here are the instagram moments of the weekend! 

who doesn't like Powell's?

watched one of the most intense gymnastic regionals EVER! but thankfully the Beavers are off to Nationals! Phew! 
i also went through old pictures looking for some gems for the party. I came across my baby book and this
handsome pictures of my dad. he was a looker :)

did lots of work for my grandma's 90th coming up this next weekend!
picked up this great old screen pictured on the right. it was only 12 bucks at an antique store in Albany.
great find!

we also got to spend a lovely day celebrating easter. Went to a great easter service and spent the day
eating yummy food and lounging on the couch

over all a fantastic weekend. this week is going to be super busy with party prep and on top of that i have a lovely full house of visiting friends. going to be a great week! 

have a simply sunny monday! 

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