Tuesday, April 17, 2012

cinta turns 2!

2?! I honestly have no idea how Cinta Dinners has officially been happening for over 2 years now. Granted I have been doing dinner parties and planning for over 4 years now. But being an official tax paying business is something that I am proud of. This business is something I truly am proud of. This last year was off to a fantastic start. We were averaging at least 1 to 2 dinners a month. And that was a perfect amount considering I have a full time job and Jereme was still in school and working another job as well. When we approached summer we got the amazing news that my business partner Jereme would be off to Thailand to teach for the next year. I was so excited for her and such a fantastic opportunity. However, the way Cinta looked would not be the same without her. I stopped really pushing for dinners but was more then happy to do them when asked. With her decision to stay another year I am truly saddened but know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and Cinta will always be here when she returns.

Now that we are into the next year Cinta Dinners is now evolving into Cinta Events. A complete redesign of the website, business cards, and all materials is happening. I know I have been talking about this redesign for months now but I truly do not want to go public with things until I am absolutely in love with every aspect. I will still be doing dinner parties, but really want to shift my focus to event and wedding coordination. It is truly my passion and love. I am excited for what opportunities are to come in the next few years. I will still be working a full time job to pay the bills but I do have an ultimate goal of being my own sole boss someday. And someday that will happen. But for now I keep trucking along and gaining the experience and hands on work that comes with this industry. 

we did so much more then pictured here but it indeed was a fantastic year.
excited for what Cinta will do in 2012! 

Hope you have a simply lovely Tuesday

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