Tuesday, August 7, 2012

100 degree dinner parties

This last weekend Cinta Events did a dinner for a dear family friend. She wanted things to have a tuscan/ italian/ wine feel. The dinner took place in her gorgeous expansive backyard. We hoped for good weather and sure enough Oregon pulled through with excruciating 100 degree weather. Not exactly ideal temperatures to be cooking in but thankfully I was able to do a lot of prep early in the morning before it got super hot. 

The menu for the dinner consisted of some classic italian fare along with some modern updates. The menu came together quite nicely but to be honest, the look of things did not. There are so many different ways this could have looked and for some reason i just could not commit to any of my ideas. I usually have one item, linen, vase, or something that i absolutely want to use and therefore it helps guild the look of things. But as the week came to a close i still was in a sea of  confusion. It wasn't until friday when i was designing the menu cards that things started to click in that brain of mine. And I am happy with the simple, organic feel of things. My bottle and crate collection has thankfully been growing the last couple months and they were perfect for staging. 

Over all I am pleased with how things turned out. Everyone had a great time. The wine was flowing, along with the conversation, and taking back cleared plates is always a good sign. There are always things that i would change if I were to go back and do it again, but every event, every dinner is just more experience and another place to learn how to better things the next time around.

Now for some pictures.

Hope everyone has a simply lovely Tuesday! 

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