Monday, August 27, 2012

i am alive.

I am happy to say that I have made it through the worlds craziest wedding week ever. Working a full time job, having a roomie moving out, house guests, and trying to finish up about 100 million wedding details makes for one crazy week. but thankfully i have made it to the other side and I am happy to report that it went great. We now officially have a Mr. & Mrs. Collins, and they were both truly glowing all day long. I had a beautiful, calm bride and that is truly all I could ask for.

I am so excited to see the pictures that miss Katy Weaver was able to capture from the big day. I was SO busy all day that it was hard to get my own pictures. So I will leave you with a few instagram shots from the weekend. 

could NOT have survived without all the coffee i drank this weekend

beautiful dahlias 

entrance of the venue 

ceremony area 

buffet area 

last minute decision to customize the water bottles 

the popcorn bar was a hit! 

the BEAUTIFUL bride and her maids right before walking down the isle 

cannot wait to see the pictures from the ribbon wand send off! 

it was a great, and exhausting day. i owe a huge thanks to my amazing mother who is the best assistant EVER. I could not have pulled this off without her. And thank you to everyone who has listen to me go on and on about this wedding, and to everyone who helped craft and gave me support along the way. this isn't my first wedding but my first official wedding as Cinta Events. I can't wait to see what happens in the future! 

Hope everyone has a simply amazing Monday! 

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