Thursday, August 16, 2012

i wish i was just busy

busy doesn't even begin to explain what life has been the last few weeks. hence my silence in the blog world. as i have mentioned before this last month as been JAM PACKED with different dinners and events, and weddings, and on top of that a full time job, oh and not to mention a whole lot of life events just happening to be going on at the moment to. haha. sometimes i think i might be crazy. then i look at my now 3 page to do list and it confirms that i am indeed crazy. but honestly, even though i am feeling the pressure of the wedding im doing next weekend i have never felt more at home. things are coming together, and even if my to do list is never ending things are slowly but surly getting done. And I am SO thankful for everyone who has been stepping in and helping out. They may seem like little things but you have no idea how helpful they are. I thankfully have had a couple good nights of sleep and today i am feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to make this final push. at the end of the day i oh so realize just how blessed I am to be able to do what I love. and i am proud of that. 

i will leave you with some instagram shots of what has been going on the last couple weeks! 

have enough moss to last a lifetime 
also covering everything in moss

had my first experience staining

i think it turned out pretty well

finally got this beauty a frame 

got to celebrate with this hottie for her bachelorette party
we obviously had to go to Darcelle's! 
indulged with this amazing oreo cheesecake at the cheesecake factory on a roomie date 

did a small dinner party for 6

menu was asian influenced 

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful, productive thursday.

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