Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i heart dance scenes

So I have a confession..I am in love with movie dance scenes...and not the crazy intense ones with crazy rountines...i love the soft, slow ones. There is something so romantic about them..something so perfect. I feel like there is such a sense of love, and you can just see and feel it. I know, i know, I am pretty cheesy but apart of me is chessy and girly. I have a top 3. Let's start with number three. Don't laugh to hard at me okay? We all have our guilt pleasures :)

3. (please dont laugh to hard) High School Music 3.  :) Okay...I just LOVE the song Can I have this dance. I think thats also why I love a couple of these scences. I love the music. And i love that they waltz.

2. Enchanted. omg...this movie is awesome! I went to the theaters to see it and didn't have high expectations for it and fell in love with it! It has a beautiful dance scene..and an amazing song called So Close by John McLaughlin. You really should go listen to it...now. 

1. The Notebook. Sigh....i seriously will re-watch the scene where they lay under the street lights then dance over and over and over. It is my all time favorite dance scene. It is SO romantic and I just LOVE it! If any guy ever wanted to dance in the streets with me..i would probably marry him right then and there ..haha It is just beautiful. 

So there you have it. My guilty pleasure. Romantic Dance Scenes. :)

Hope you have a simply wonderful Tuesday. 


  1. The most cheesiest dance scenes ever but they really are the best! ... sucker for love! --Jen

  2. :) i know right! all well i still love them!