Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Cake Edition

Cutting the Wedding Cake is one of the oldest wedding traditions. It's not a wedding without a delicious treat. The whole concept of wedding cake has evolved greatly over the last few years. We now have dessert bars, cupcake towers and extreme ornate cakes being made. However, it is more then just something pretty to look at and take pictures by. No one likes to bite into a piece of dry, grossly flavored cake. The cake is all about the looks combined with the taste. So be sure to do a tasting, and bring your husband to be with you. A perfect way to include him in the planning and he won't complain about testing cakes and fillings. 

Here are a couple things to think about when picking your dream weddings cake.

1. Take your time picking a baker/ don't just use the neighbor who brought great cupcakes to a BBQ. Once picking your baker make sure you go into detail about your wedding and what your overall vision for the day will be. You wouldn't want a fancy ornate cake for a laid back beach wedding.

2. Flavors: I always think that it is important to have that one layer that will please them all. A red velvet or classic yellow or white cake with a great filling. But this is your wedding maybe pick a flavor that has some sentiment to it. Or be brave and go with a flavor out of the box. It's amazing what flavor combos they have these days!

3. Saving the top tier. It was once a big tradition to save the top tier of your cake for your first anniversary...however, thankfully bakers have gone into including an anniversary cake in the price of your wedding cake. No more eating frost bitten cake a year later.

4. Cake alternatives. Who says it needs to be a cake!? Cupcakes are all the rage right now...along with mini pies or mini desserts. Regardless you can cut into whatever it is and take that first bite together.

Now time for the fun stuff!

This fun simple colorful cake is a great summer cake. Love the addition of the cake pops as well!

Cake Alternative. Mini pies for everyone! LOVE this idea. Would be great for a country chic wedding!

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ONE! I love white on white right now. This is dramatic and beautiful. 
(my all time favorite right now)

 An elegant textured choice. Beautiful. 

Cupcake towers! Can go in so many directions with cupcakes. 
These tiffany blue frosted cupcakes are adorable. 

how fun is this yellow graphic cake.  

Classic scrolling is always beautiful. 

This cake has been one of my all time favorites. I've actually tried to duplicate this cake for my 21st birthday...sadly my baker failed and it looked nothing like this but
 one of these birthdays they will get it right. 

There are so many more but thats all I got for today. Main thing to remember is:
 A. pick a good baker. 
B. make sure the cake goes with the wedding. 
C. Make sure you actually eat a piece at your wedding. 
You paid good money for the damn thing. :)

Hope you have a simply Happy Wedding Wednesday! 


  1. mini pies yes please and its buddy the mason jar on the side! p.s. never told you but great job on your blog, i love it!

  2. oh and i couldn't post this any other way but anonymous (but if u didnt guess this is your buisness partner)

  3. haha :) I thought of you as soon as i saw the mini pies! This is happening at your wedding :) Love you! Glad you like it :) thanks for following!