Monday, September 12, 2011

a time to remember

Yesterday the world stopped to remember what had happened 10 years ago. September 11th is a date we will never forget. It's one of those days where we remember where we were, and what we were doing the moment that first plane hit. It is a time to really remember how amazingly lucky we are to be living in the country we do, and to remember the people who have and who are currently serving this country. A time to remember those lost in such a horrific act and those who's courage saved others. 
We are so incredibly lucky to have the freedom we have. 
So thank you to those individuals who are constantly protecting us. 

As I was browsing around my blogs yesterday I came upon this picture by Ryan Ray that was posted on Style Me Pretty. It's absolutely beautiful. And says things perfectly.


We will never forget. God Bless America

Have a simply thoughtful Monday. 

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