Monday, November 14, 2011

apparently its a new week

This weekend was kind of all over the place..but it was over all a pretty good weekend.
 Here is my life in some pictures.

 Friday I headed up to Portland to celebrate a friends birthday at Bar XV! Happy Birthday Mike!

Got my craft on and started a couple christmas projects.
Trying to make most of my gifts by hand this year! 

Finally saw the last Harry Potter movie. OMG. craziness. loved it. 

Made this awesome scarf that i am super proud of and was almost to easy to make. 
(horrible iphone pic.  im so yellow)

I also headed to Salem Sunday for a little fam time for lunch and then met up with some good ole friends from high school to catch up. It was great to all be together again. A few years have gone by but it is still so fun to get together and see whats going on with everyone. 

Over all a pretty good weekend. Sadly it is monday again but I actually have some fun things going on this week so it shouldn't be to bad. :)

Hope everyone has a simply fantastic Monday! 

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