Monday, November 21, 2011

i've been weekending since tuesday

This last week was a little crazy...i pretty much had something going on every night which normally doesn't happen. and although it was a pretty good week with so much fun stuff going on i am pretty much just tired right now. haha. and i literately cannot believe that THIS week is THANKSGIVING!? uhh whoa holidays! Way to sneak up on me! I am baffled that by this time next week my house will have a Christmas tree in it...sigh... Anyways here is what i've been doing this last week! 

Starting on TUESDAY we had the OSU Gymnastics preview. Goodness...i love gymnastics and i love these girls! i can't believe season is just right around the corner. and they looked great! I can't wait to see all the new floor routines the girls have this year. Going to be amazing!!! 

Wednesday I headed up to Portland for a concert. We went to see White Buffalo...he kinda looks like a mountain man..but his voice is so powerful and it was an AMAZING concert! 

Thursday I attempted to keep things low key with a house lit in candles, a glass of wine and a delish favorite way to spend a night in..

however my quiet night ended up with going out to cocktails...shocking right?

Friday and saturday was filled with dad's weekend activities, football, more football, and more dads weekend cocktails. 

Thankfully sunday was much calmer then the rest of my week.
 I had this cute little mini donut from starbucks! love! 

spent the rest of the day cleaning and doing some crafty things around the house.

Trying to get a head start on all of the DIY christmas gifts i'm doing this year! More on this later! 

Over all a hectic week/ weekend...and let me tell you I am tired. Hopefully this week will be a little least until black friday madness :) 
Stay tuned for my tips and tricks of black friday coming tomorrow! 

Hope you have a simply wonderful Monday! 


  1. So fun! Love the mini-donut (and am glad I'm not the only person who photographs food that way). What I love more, though, is the perfect gray nail polish in the knitting pic! Is that your Essie color or something new? It's a beauty =)

  2. haha YES! it is Essie ...its a lighter version of the gray...crap...i can't remember it's fun name though ;)

  3. It looks like you had a lot of fun! Your DIY gifts look cute!