Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the secrets to black friday

Oh BLACK FRIDAY....how i love thee. Black friday is not for the faintest of hearts. This is not an event to take lightly. Black friday is for the most skilled shoppers. And trust me a skilled black friday shopper can always point out the amateur. If you haven't gotten the clue that i am a little obsessed with black friday... I love it! And to be honest most of the time i'm not really doing hard core Christmas shopping. I am getting my yearly christmas decor, dvds, slippers, and other fantastic deals that all of these stores have. I have a system, a plan, and never stay in a store longer then i need to. This is not about browsing this is about hard core shopping. So here are my tips and tricks...

  1. Ad Sorting: one of my favorite thanksgiving traditions is waking up going to get the paper and my starbucks and sitting in front of the fire digging through  ads. It is vital you sort through and pick out what store have good stuff and the ads you don't really care about. There usually is a few rounds of sorting.
  2. After sorting comes PLANNING. You cannot attempt the black friday rush without a plan. You must decide what deals you just gotta have. That usually is the first place you will end up going. Decide what is important and what you realistically will be able to get. Electronics will unbelievable prices take much more dedication if you really want them. If you are the first person in line you will obviously get one, but if you show up to best buy an hour before they open...well just forget it...
  3. Partner in crime: i think it is always best to have someone with you when partaking in black friday..however, DO NOT bring a whole group of people. They will only slow you down. 
  4. Once in the store split up and find what you are there for. Some of the big ticket items and great deals will be in the isles or near the area they normally would be found. Sometimes it takes a little bit of searching but if you can't find it ASK. you don't have time to browse the store for 20 min. 
  5. Lines: everyone always complains about the lines. However, most stores are prepared for this day more then we are. they have every checker open and usually will keep moving. However a good trick...go to the pharmacy or jewelry counter. People usually forget about these counters and most of them you can pay at! if they aren't allowing that..have one person wait in line while the other one finishes up the shopping 
  6. The biggest tip of all is GET IN and GET OUT. Last year I was in and out of Target in 20 minutes. It is doable. Plan what you want..get it and get out. 
  7. Don't forget to have fun! I always love the rush of all the people and getting that good deal. And although i put a lot of though into this you still have to remember it's all in fun. 
  8. Be kind. yes there are those extreme moms and dads fighting to make sure they get the good deal on the video game but please be kind to others. Cutting and fighting is just not worth it and does not show any holiday cheer.
So hope you have fun this friday. Looks like stores are getting more crazy and opening doors at 12am...sigh... kind of puts a wrench in my normal black friday plan but im sure i'll come up with something :) Happy Shopping everyone!!

Have a simply wonderful Tuesday! 

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  1. I love Black Friday shopping. It's become a tradition for me and my fam. So much fun!