Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Last of October

I seriously cannot believe it is November already. I will admit I am one of those Holiday fanatics who can't wait to play Christmas music...and I hate to admit that I may have already started...but I really am trying to keep it to a minimum ;) It is just so hard when Michael Buble comes out with the worlds best Christmas cd... Anyways...I figured before I step into full Thanksgiving/ Christmas mode I would share the last bit of Halloween excitement with you. 

This last weekend I did the food for a Halloween Birthday Costume Party for one of my co-workers. They wanted it to be a classic fun party with classic party foods so it was different from what Cinta normally does but it was a fun change. However, with every dinner there was always some obstacle to over come, and this dinner was no exception. What happened? ...lets just say the "full kitchen" was no full kitchen because there was a lack of an i cooked out of two toaster ovens...sigh...thankfully things turned out great and i only had to nix one thing on my menu...and I was over all happy with things. I wish I would have had more prep time the last couple days before the dinner...but with a full time job time becomes limited. are a few pics my trusty lovely roomie Alissa took for me. 

ghost and halloween character cupcakes

not a halloween party without a little dry ice 

And...because this post doesn't have enough pictures already....Here are a couple from Halloween night..i finally got to do my hair and make-up for my Wonder Women Costume. Over all a pretty fun and eventful Halloween...and it literally is taking me all week to recover from such a jam packed weekend.

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful Thursday! 

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