Friday, June 22, 2012

Fill In The Blank Friday

Fill in the Blank Friday got a bit of a facelift and I am loving her new concept! She is now providing prompts that you can customize and make your own. I was loving last weeks prompt about dinner partys but because I was running around with graduation events I didn't have time to fill in the blanks. So I will be going back to last weeks fill in the bank friday..

I would invite....

A group of about 14-16 people. I have found that numbers around here are perfect for an intimate homy feeling where everyone feels apart of conversation and not to overwhelmed with mass amounts of people 

The theme would be....

Summer Sunset in the City 

I would host it....

On a rooftop!  The top of some great tall building in the middle of the city. Maybe something like the deck at Departure! 

We would eat....

Maybe a great salmon with a fresh berry glaze/ sauce....some great local roasted vegetables....great oregon wine to go with everything. And homemade berry cobblers to finish with vanilla bean ice cream...yummy 

would have this AMAZING Argyle Black Brut waiting for people as they arrived .
simply amazing. 

It would look like....

I would base my table around this dinnerware: 

Is it not beautiful? It would fit in perfectly with my sunset summer feel i would be going for.
There would be lots of fresh flowers and in the orange/pinks and sunset hues
I would also make sure there were same greats twinkle lights for when it got dark.

That would be my ideal dinner party for the summer. 

Hope you have a simply wonderful weekend! 

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