Tuesday, June 19, 2012

my favorite little fruit stand

everyone has their favorite little hole in the wall places to go to dinner at, get the best cocktails, or dessert. these little places from the outside may not always seem like they are anything special but they all have a little hidden secret. you would never expect that a Fruit Stand would serve amazing milk shakes but this particular one does. Hence why it is my favorite little fruit stand. It has some cool fresh produce and other great things but nothing tops the amazing milkshakes. When the Fruit Stand opens up and starts serving fresh fruit milkshakes I can't help but stop and splurge every once in awhile. The strawberry and peach are my all time favorite. And this weekend we made our first stop of the season. And once again it never disappoints. Stopping here is a sure sign that summer is around the corner! Anyone else as excited as i am? 

isn't it adorable? 
my yummy fresh strawberry shake 

the little area is full of character and also home to a really good little cafe 

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