Monday, June 18, 2012

phew...the school year has ended

most people know that the end of the school year has now officially come to an end. last week was a bit crazy trying to prepare for our biggest event of the year, Graduation! Pharmacy has their own graduation ceremony apart from the main commencement ceremony that happened yesterday. If you live in Oregon you must have heard that Mrs. Michelle Obama was this year's keynote speaker. Look at OSU go! My last week was full of grad prep, flower arrangements for graduation, diy gift making, which then lead to my busy weekend that consisted of a bridal shower, graduation parties, fathers day brunch,  and spontaneous quick trip to the casino. A lot was crammed into this last week/weekend but it was all pretty fun. Here are some snap shots from my week! 

painted some custom pillow cases for a bridal shower. great DIY project!  Thanks Restored Style for the great idea!! 
made a few bigger arrangements for one of the college's graduation ceremonies

made smaller ones for a pharmacy brunch 

prepped all week for our pharmacy graduation. heres everyone lining up and looking good in their robes 

a couple of my favorite new pharmacists 
came back to the office to find this sitting on my desk. such amazing students i get to work with :) 

made a stop at my co-workers graduation party. isn't she just adorable. sad for me shes no longer in the office
but yay for her...shes heading to DC for an internship!!! so proud :) 

next stop was my friend Mandi's bridal shower where we got ring pops!
pretty much forgot how amazing these things are! 

the bride to be holding my apparently "obviously wrapped by andrea" gift.
(gave her the cute pillow cases i made earlier in the week)
then it was time for ms leslie's graduation party.
is she not super adorable 

she even made adorable photo booth accessories to have fun with

the weekend ended with an amazing fathers day brunch at Eola Hills Winery.
i love Eola Hills and their brunch did not disappoint. i'm still full 

thankfully my sunday evening was low key and relaxing...Corvallis is emptying out and by the end of the day the roads and parking lots will be clear. I do kind of love when the place empty's out a bit. It's a least nice for a couple of months. But i will be ready for the hustle and bustle of students sooner then later. 

Did everyone else have a good weekend?

Hope you have a simply wonderful monday! 

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