Monday, April 11, 2011

A new turn in blogging

Every Monday through Friday my day starts with the same routine. I wake up, I get ready for work…and couple days a week I splurge on coffee at my new favorite coffee shop Coffee Culture, then head to work. Along with checking messages and e-mail, if I don’t have something vital waiting for me in the morning I take a few minutes to go through my favorite blogs. These include a variety of wedding blogs, cooking blogs, and a couple of people’s personal blogs. I’ve really grown to admire these bloggers. Their inspiration, thoughts, ideas, and day to day activities have captured my attention. I find myself drawing inspiration from their décor, recipes, and thoughts and ideas. I’ve always thought it would be fun to start my own blog, however, the whole task seems daunting. I have started a blog for my business, Cinta Dinners, but I haven’t been as dedicated as I should be too it. But I am going to try this one more time. This time with a blog that is more personal. Basically a place for me to put my own thoughts. I’m sure no one will read this but it would be nice to have an outlet that I can access where ever I may be at the time. So this time I will not only write about the event and things I love in life but also the things that make me think and wonder. The simple thoughts that make life what it is and how it’s lived. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll write something that make a little sense to someone else other than me. And really going to try to post three or four times a week. At least thats the goal for now. Have a simply wonderful Monday!

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