Monday, April 25, 2011

This weekend was a mix of productiveness and fun.

Friday night me and a couple of my girlfriends went to Downward Dog to sip on some yummy Blackberry vodka tonic's. they were delish! And a great deal! Only $3 on Friday's! Can't beat that! They have such great late night happy hour deals!

Saturday i was up early and made my way to the waterfront for a little Saturday market action. It was a beautiful sunny morning so it was great to walk around and look at everything. We have a dinner party on Tuesday so I had to get flowers for the arrangements. I settled on yellow and pink tulips. Aren't they gorgeous!?

Saturday was so nice and sunny that we decieded to attempt to have a BBQ. However we do live in Oregon. In the couple hours leading up to people arriving the weather went from sunny to cloudy to windy. And almost impossible to even light the grill. But us oregonians are used to such things. It didn't stop the BBQ from happening thats for sure. We just moved ourselves inside. And ended up having the most intense session of catch phrase ever! Great game and overall it was a great BBQ. Maybe next time the sun will stick around.

Sunday i was up early to bake my famous Ginger, Coconut, Carrot cake with Cream Chesse Frosting! It was so yummy! Me and a few close friends went to Salem for the Easter Service and Dinner with my parentals. My mom always makes the best easter baskets and i think she topped herself this year. They were great! The rest of the day was spent napping and watching the horribly cheesy William and Kate lifetime movie. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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