Tuesday, July 26, 2011

another social network!?!

Because apparently keeping your facebook, twitter, and blogs up to date isn't enough. Now we are kicking in yet another social media site... google+. Now when i heard about this new "facebook" i thought..whhaaattt???...ANOTHER social network. Now granted there are far more networks out there other then fb and twitter. but they are expecting google+ to be the "new" facebook. And I'm just wondering how connected we all really need to be. People already know more about other peoples lives then we probably ever should know. And the hours spent browsing or "stalking" can now move up a few notches with this google+. Although the network is still in the invite only/ testing stages its numbers have grown excessively the last couple weeks. As of July 14th the numbers were at over 10 million..and according to numbers posted a couple days ago they are now at 18 million users. Wow. I of course was curious about this new network so i had a friend invite me and did a little reading on what this was all about. And surprisingly i was quite impressed with it!

Google + is built on the "circles" concept. Basically people can find you like any other network but when you go to confirm someone you categorize them into a "circle". You can have as many circles as you want. It basically makes it a lot easier to control who sees what and what information is shared. You can have a circle for family, co-workers, college friends or groups, and when you post a status or pictures you get to decide what "circle" will be able to view that information. It actually has some cool features that i think facebook is lacking. I think people are truly just curious about google+ right now hence the huge numbers but I think it might be awhile before we really see a shift in the popularity of facebook. facebook was a phenomenon that changed the world we live in regardless if we wanted it to or not. We now have the world at our finger tips. We don't seem to even know what the word privacy is anymore. Anyways...I was definitely skeptical of google+ to begin with but after a little research and actually looking into it..i like it...i like the concept..so come join me on google+ and join my circles :)

Hope you have a simply wonderful Tuesday.

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