Monday, July 25, 2011

talk about productive

This was a great weekend full of fun and some productiveness! What more could you want! Here is what I did...

Friday night I headed up to Portland to be reunited with some great old friends from high
school. The three of us hadn't hung out together in..well..probably it was great to sit down over a cocktail and catch up and reminise over the good ole days :) It's crazy
how so much can change and yet stay exactly the same. And it's an evening that needs to be repeated sooner then a couple years.

Saturday I was in Salem and got some quality mamma time. Always good. She is the best mom ever. She had my two dresses and skirt all hemed and hanging for me to take back with me :) Gotta love a talented mom.

The rest of the day consisted of actually being somewhat productive around the house. I started my taunting task of cleaning my room (don't judge my horrible messy closet). I always spend my time cleaning the rest of the my room is always at the bottom of the cleaning list.. And not even just cleaning but going through everything and organizing... and in the midst of this i decided that i really wanted to re decorate my room. Not totally change everything but i want something different above my bed..ive had the same look since the dorm rooms...uhh yeah..time for a change. I have a vision in mind but might take me another weekend to complete the look. But trust me it's going to be super cute :)

I felt like after a day of cleaning i deserved a cocktail so I met up with some friends and did just that. Nothing like a gin and tonic with extra extra lime to end the day with.

Sunday I attempted to be productive but it was hard to find motivation to keep going all day. But i did get a few things done and i did make it to a friends softball game. Nothing says summer like a softball least to me...

And now somehow we are back to monday. And i have a feeling this week is not going to be a low key just gotta work kinda week...sigh...all well...i think im finally out of whatever funk i've been in and looking forward to a great and productive week...yeah..maybe you should talk to me at the end of the day...haha

Have a simply wonderful Monday.

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