Tuesday, July 5, 2011

now that was a great weekend!

5 days. 683 miles. great friends. perfect weekend.

I love long weekends. And even though I didn't take any extra time off I was still driving all around oregon this weekend. It was relaxing, busy, and fun to do something different and celebrate the holiday.

We started the weekend off by heading to Eugene so my roomie could purchase a hammock. She has been talking about this hammock for weeks so it was exciting to finally get it! As soon as we got home it was set up with in 15 minutes...wasting no time to be swaying in a hammock as the sun was setting.

Saturday was spent being productive and lazy..after some house work we did some errands and i picked up these lovely Gerber's from trader joe's. Gotta love 4.99 gorgeous flowers. This pictures doesn't do them justice. But i promise they are pretty. The rest of the day was full of laying out in the sun, dinner and movie night with the girls. Perfection.

Sunday we headed to Silver Creek Falls for the day. We picnicked and walked over to the first fall..and in my opinion the most beautiful. Always fun to be able to walk behind it.

We ended up stopping in Salem before heading off to our next adventure at the beach. We stopped at the famous Fruit Stand that makes the BEST milkshakes ever. Fresh strawberries in mine. yummm

Then it was off to Seaside!!! It was absolutely beautiful along the coast. Not a cloud in the sky...a little breezy but nice and warm.

It was a great low key evening and I discovered a new favorite bottled beverage... Bacardi Mojitos! Delish and not to sweet like those other bottled drinks.

Monday we hit the little strip of outlets then headed to the beach. Very breezy on Monday. All well still nice to be out on the beach.

On our way home we stopped at this lookout point..how pretty is the coast line!! I decided i need a beach house with this view.

My partner in crime this weekend! She was always busy taking pictures. My little photographer!

When we finally got home 683 miles later my day ended in the hammock. I went to watch the fireworks show corvallis puts on and sadly it wasn't anything spectacular but still fun.

I wish all weekends could be as exciting as this one! And of course all 3 day weekends :)

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!

Have a simply wonderful Tuesday.

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