Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Did I really do that?

everyone has their moments of complete stupidity. and last night i had one of those moments. Now i normally pride myself in being able to take care of everything going on around the house..i can be pretty handy and fix things, or hook our surround sound system up and have the patience to call and have someone help fix our tv when it wasn't working.
And thats what i did last night.

I looked the number up online called..and for some reason they couldn't pull up my account information...weird...but the guy still could help me trouble shoot what the problem was. I started reading him numbers that he asked for and one after another nothing was working...meanwhile i had restarted our little box and when asked what came up on the screen i told him.."oh the direct tv logo is all i see" "...mam...do you have direct tv?" me: "Yes" Him: " you called dish network" me: "crap!! do you get this a lot??" Him: "Yes mam, 3rd time today"

(pausing for uncontrollable laughter)

and we actually did laugh together. I apologized, got off the phone and called the right people.

now..i really am not sure if he actually had 3 people call that day or if he was trying to be nice. but i would like to think that im not the only one who lost their marbles for 15 min...haha

all i can say is that at least i didn't call comcast....then ide really be worried for myself....

Have a simply wonderful Tuesday!

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