Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Dess Edition

Oh wedding dresses. I've been wanting to do a wedding dress post for awhile now but just haven't had the time to really go through the millions of wedding dresses out there in the world. And wow..i must say....the ratio of hideous dresses to beautiful ones were astounding. No wonder dress shopping is usually one of the first things brides want to do once they have said "yes". It could take you months to find that truly perfect dress. And with shows like Say Yes To The Dress, it has only glamorized the process even more. But it should be! This truly is the one time you get to find that perfect white dress.

There are so many things to think about when finding that perfect dress. Here are some things to think about when you are wedding dress shopping.

1. location/ time of year: your beach wedding wouldn't go well with a ball get it..use your common sence

2. Shape: all brides go in thinking they know what will look good on them..and frankly they probably do know themselves pretty well. However, try all the basic bridal shapes might be surprised what else is out there and how amazing your body could look.

3. Length: This one is always a tricky one.. I am kind of traditional in this area and love the long gowns. However, there are their those certain brides who can pull off a short dress. the key here is to make sure the length is correct

4. Price. psh...we all wish wedding budgets didn't even exsist...sigh..but we live in the real world...and even if you have a small budget it does not mean you can't have a beautiful dress. It just means you gotta do a little more foot work and really shop around. but regardless of price you can find something your dress budget is 500 or 10,000.

5. Accessories. Oh man...i love accessories. And wedding day accessories can be SOOO much fun. But ladies don't over do it. Don't feel the need to have something on your head, ears, neck, wrist and hand....everyone knows my favorite saying... "Less is More". Amen. You know im right with this one.

Now for the fun stuff. The dresses. I know everyone has different taste but here are some of my favorites at the moment!

Let's start with something different. PINK. Pink gown? looks at this thing..its beautiful. Definitely a right now, in style, of the times kinda dress.

Classic. Simple with Lace detailing.
A Watters dress.

I love lace. I think it is so romantic. This dress has a beautiful scalloped edges.

Pnina Tornai. Ball gown. Great detailing at the top

okay now THIS is a GREAT short dress. I love love love it! Absolutely to die for!
From Justin Alexander

For the simplistic bride.

Backs. I love a dramatic backs....and this is drama. So is the one below.

elegant bride. sweetheart top with gorgeous detailing.
This Lazaro dress is one of my all time favs.

The last thing I have to say about dresses is that you truly do know when you have found the "one". Follow your heart. And it truly is your dress. No ones else's. If you feel amazing in it and love yourself in it then that is all that matters.

Have a Simply Happy Wedding Wednesday!

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