Friday, August 12, 2011


Heeeyyy! It's Friday!!!! And for once my weekend isn't already planned out and scheduled with a million things. I plan on staying around town, working on my room and a diy project and just relaxing...and i can't wait! But now its time for blanks! Happy Birthday to Lauren over on the little things we do! Her blanks are birthday related in honor of it! And they are such fun blanks!

1. My most favorite birthday was probably my 22nd birthday this last year. It was fun to do a big birthday dinner the day of my bday with all my friends then to a weekend in Portland with my closest friends. We had so much fun having a nice dinner and going out for cocktails. It was the perfect sized group and just an over all fun night. However nothing can beat my pink hummer limo for my 21st ☺

2. My worst birthday was hmm..i don’t know if I have a worst birthday..i used to never even do anything big for my birthday’s because growing up I would always take the money to go shopping with instead of having a party..haha..although my 21st was this huge deal with tons of people I did end up crying that night..too many people and to many opinions on where to go..a disappointment but at the same time it ended up being a great night with a good friend in the hallway of a hotel with a big bottle of champagne.

3. My favorite birthday memory is spending my 16th birthday in Bali, and the “my life growing up slideshow” my parentals made for my 21st..

4. The best birthday present I've ever received was Love them all, big and small..the memory shadow box my mom made me a couple years ago with pictures of my dad and me brought me to was beautiful.

5. The best birthday present I've ever given was oo I love giving birthday gifts! I think the best gift was to my bestie Sammie. Our group of friends pulled together and bought her a plane ticket to New Jersey to go visit her dad’s side of the family whom she hadn’t seen in years and years and had been wanting to see.

6. Birthdays are my FAVorite! Whether they are mine or someone else’s they are a day to celebrate that person and make them feel special. Even if it is a small gathering or big gathering they are special regardless.

7. My favorite age so far has been Gotta say 22 has been pretty great! I feel like I’ve really come into my own this last year…as cheesy as that sounds. But I think 23 is going to be a major turning point..just because there is going to be a lot of changes in the next year and im excited and anxious to see what happens.

Hope you all have a simply wonderful friday!!! Happy Weekend!

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