Friday, August 19, 2011


we FINALLY made it to FRIDAY!!! This was a very long week at work. A lot going on and all i want to do is relax and have some fun this weekend. Lets hope that happens. But if it's friday that means its Fill in time! Link up over at the Little Things We Do.

1. My idea of pure perfection would be less time working and more time playing.

2. Love makes the world go 'round.

3. If it weren't for bills and school loans I'd have a much calmer life.

4. Bloggers are people whom I have come to love and respect. So creative and so many different voices to be heard.

5. If I had a million dollars I'd buy you a dream vacation around the world.

6. I'm glad it's Friday because this was a very long week at work and more then ever I can use a break.

7. Something I'm excited about is the trip to Portland a group of us our planning for next tasting out way to Portland then staying at the Nines ☺ .

Hope you have a Simply wonderful weekend!

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