Wednesday, August 3, 2011

its all in the details...

The difference between a good wedding and a great weekend is all in the details. It's those little details that can also drive you a little crazy. But if you plan in advance these little details are so worth the extra effort. I've been noticing some little details in the wedding world that are super cute lately. Some are old and some are new, but regardless they are great ideas.

I'm starting with my favorite idea! I LOVE these bridesmaid boxes. Such a great idea! This one includes a little day of schedule, an "ouch" kit, complete with mini sewing kit, lip balm, polish, tissues, hairpins and other cute essentials for wedding day. I will most definitely be doing these for my wedding...someday....

Anyone can do a menu but sometimes the presentation is what really sets things apart. This was a fun little detail and not much different then listing things traditionally and yet so much cuter!

Typewriters. Seem to be all the rage at the moment. And always with a cute little note as if it had just been typed out. There have been great little love notes and this one was geared toward the guests. Love the detail.

How to tie a bow tie. Love this little groomsmen detail. Wouldn't this be cute in a groomsmen box. However, instead of and "ouch" kit a fun personalized flask and some other goodies would probably go over a lot better then lip balm :)

Okay, i just love paper straws right now. Hence my use of them in my last party but how fun are these blue ones!!

Every wedding is bound to have kids running around. And there are some great ideas on how to keep them entertained. But I love this simple favor bag full of gold fish, treats, coloring book, pencils, and other cute things to play with. Can i be a kid?

I love this classic detail. i love having pictures of parents and grandparents weddings. family pictures, or pictures growing up are always a hit and really personalize things. It can also help pay tribute to those who are no longer with us and gives us a way to remember them on such a special day.

I love details. Don't you?

Happy wedding Wednesday! and hope you have a simply fantastic day!

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