Tuesday, August 30, 2011

things that made me excited this weekend

this weekend/ yesterday has been hectic to say the least! the weekend was full of dinner prep an errands and an endless to do list. And yesterday was crazy at work then off to the dinner party. Thankfully the dust is starting to settle and I got through my first dinner party without my beloved jereme. I however did have a Kevin's saving grace to come cook for me. Even though it was a crazy weekend it didn't come without a little excitement.
So here is whats been exciting the last few days.

New Gray patterned fabric for my dinner party... love

speaking of gray...new gray napkins :) heaven
(can you tell i have a new obsession with gray?)

got to see these cuties! :)
they are getting so big! so much fun to bbq with them and hold and love them :)

blackberry picking. always fun..and delish...and did i mention a money
saver for my dessert i made for my dinner party

and i got to start season two of United States of Tara. Such a funny show.
If you haven't seen it you should...its great.

And finally I'll leave you with a preview of my dinner party last night. Pretty grays and pinks. Very girly. Perfect for an all ladies dinner party :)

Hope you have a simply wonderful Tuesday!

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