Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's never easy to say goodbye. and it's something i hate having to do. when you go off to college they always say you end up making some of your best, lifelong friends, and that is so true. The last 4 or 5 years here in corvallis have given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people. People who have truly shape the person I've become. And although I am sad to see us start to all go our separate ways i know that we are going on some amazing adventures. And in a couple years we will be sitting right back around a table with an amazing dinner, a cocktail and catching up. I am truly blessed.

This weekend I threw a farewell party for three good friends. Jereme, Becky and Mandi. All amazing women who are about to go on far away adventures! I knew that with all of these ladies leaving within a couple weeks of each other that I had to throw one last dinner party. So 12 of our closest friends came together for one magical evening. An evening of some chic bbq food, meaningful toasts, and of course a cocktail or two. We sat under the twinkle lights, and as i looked around i truly was just trying to take everything in. It was a beautiful evening and i wil forever remember it. But enough of the sentiments and time for the pics :)
Warning..there are quite a few :)

I made a fun little Bon Voyage signs out of maps and hung pictures with clothes pins.
cute huh? :)

I wanted my table to have a little country chic. And mason jars for water cups did just that.

Was sure to get to the saturday market just as they were opening so I could grab some gorgeous bright flowers.

And who doesn't love a fun red stripped straw?

I wanted this to be a true family dinners. So the food was of course served family style. We had a bbq chic menu. With double barbecue chicken made with homemade bbq sauce, tri tip, strawberry salad, couscous with roasted veggies, cornbread, mango cole slaw, and apple raspberry cobbler.

The name cards were also made out of maps.

Sorry about the horrible quality of this pic but how cute are these little apple raspberry cobblers baked in the mini jars??? sooo delish and super easy to make!

the little sitting area i created

This twinkle light picture doesn't do the area any justice but im sure you can imagine how cute it was once the sun went down :)

It was a perfect evening :)

Hope you have a simply wonderful Tuesday!

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