Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY Tuesday

So earlier this month i made a trip to the fabric depot. Sigh...heaven... SO many amazing prints and textures...you truly can get lost in there for hours. I've been itching to change my room up from its same old same decor i've had the last few years. I wanted something fresh and modern but on an almost non-existent budget. Enter DIY projects galore. I've been working on three different ones the last couple weeks and it's fun to see things start to come together.

My first project was repainting an old frame I got at Goodwill awhile ago and
instead of framing a fun picture i decided to back it with this AMAZING chevron gray fabric
i found at the fabric depot.

It was a pretty simply straight forward project. The frame was so old that it didn't cover amazingly well with the bright yellow paint. But after a few coats it was good to go.

Here is what I started with...

Next I took out the nails that held the old picture in place.

After I sanded off all the grim that I could it was time to paint. Finally invested in some painters plastic..much better the using newspapers..haha

I picked a nice BRIGHT yellow :)

Once things were painted I got out the good old glue gun and glued the fabric to
the backside of the frame.

Next I just trimmed the edges of the excess fabric

And there you have it! A new piece of art for above my bed. I kind of wish one line of the chevron that was yellow..or maybe two toward the bottom half...wouldn't that be cute? hmm..

Here's a sneak peak at my new curtains :) and the over all bed. My old throw pillows definitely don't go with my new decor so i need to find/ make some right away.
What do you think?? More to come on the room decor soon!

Hope you have a SIMPLY wonderful Tuesday!


  1. you are always amazing Andrea!

  2. aww thanks Swan! hope all is well! thanks for stopping by :)