Wednesday, January 4, 2012

apparently im 23..on this side of the world..

23. Apparently today is my 23rd birthday. It's no secret that I love birthday's. I love other peoples birthday's more but I do love planning a day to head up to portland, get dressed up, have a nice dinner, and a night out on the town...things are a little different today. No big party or suite at the Nines.  A simple day. But don't worry, you know I already have a make up bday celebration in the works for when I return. :)

Not going to lie though...when 22 came along I really didn't think much of it but for some reason seeing 23 is a little crazy. The last couple years have flown by. I've always felt a little beyond my years but I've been trying to have fun and go with things the last could years. But I do see a lot of change in my life this next year. In my business, in my work, in my location, and just in my life in general. I want to get organized, i want to get things in order and I want there to by some sort of system of keeping things that way. I feel like right now there is a lot of unnecessary hecticness that I want to try to avoid. I know that life is never as planned but I do want to relieve some of the stress that I felt this last year. It's kind of nice having a birthday at the start of a new year. It's almost like a new year, and new age, a new start. So hopefully that's what will happen. I have so many goals and so many things I want to do. And I really do see this next year as a regrouping year. A year to make things happen and get back into the direction I want to go. A year to make things happen

Not going to lie, although I do love being here and seeing family I haven't seen in years, I do with I was getting ready to go to happy hour and celebrate this day with Happy Hour or dinner somewhere. missing you all..right about now.

Hope you have a simply wonderful day :)

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