Friday, January 6, 2012

a night out in malinau

to be honest once it gets dark around here there really isn't that much going on...however, when the locals are finally tired of cooking and sweating over a hot kitchen they head the one area that has mini little food stands. i almost would say its a fair but more of the food aspect rather then the fair aspect. However they do have a couple booths with some fun kiddy things. Don't worry I have pictures that literally just took me at least an hour and a half to upload....(i wont go there now) but anyways here is what our night looked like 

Tons of little food stands with people making a variety of different things.. 

this guy is making chicken sate's...delish and totally what i had for dinner

My cousins found the one little "ride" they area had..

the best part about the's totally man made power...peddle, peddle, peddle! 

Mom was so amazed that she wanted to try it out! Let's just say it was harder then it looked...peddling 4 kids on a ride is hard work!

They even had a little stand where they sold gold fish! my mom for some reason wanted to buy one but dont worry we didn't waste money on fish

However....we did spend money on my future is a pic of him :) 
pretty sure he could build me a house ;)

I didn't want him to be lonely so I had to get him a friend. 
Who obviously would be a cow with pink horns... was a fun night and a nice change of pace from our normal routine around here.
It was fun to be silly and pick out a couple of these ridiculous little toys.. and don't worry only cost me like 2 US dollars. Everyone needs a little silly in their life :)

Hope you have a simply silly Friday!

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