Tuesday, January 24, 2012

family outing

on one of the last days the whole family was together we all took a trip over to my grandfathers grave. It sits on pretty much an open field at the moment. The family owns the property and built a structure for the grave. Unlike the traditional grave yards that people are buried in here it is more common to have graves on property that is owned by the family. It wasn't a sad occasion. More of an outing to pay our respects and do something as one big group for the last time before family started to head back home. One of my favorite pictures is walking up the little hill and turning around to see a huge line of family all filing up. I have this huge family on the other side of the world and i just wish we got to see them more often or wish some of them could visit us... maybe someday. We ended up putting down a tarp and all had a few treats, took pictures, and made our way back down the hill. it was a good day.

keep in mind this is just our immediate family

are my cousins not the cutest

snack time

Hope you have a simply wonderful Tuesday! 

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