Sunday, January 1, 2012


Our time in Jakarta was sadly pretty short. We have some close family friends who live there and I am always so excited to see them. As usual Jakarta was full of massive malls and shopping. Jakarta has more then 80 malls!! Can we please have a moment? 80 MALLS?! It is a little out of control. Some are fancy and nice that its hard to believe you are in Indonesia. We went to one pretty nice mall and another mall that is known for its cheaper knock off items. It was so packed and crowded...and I was told that it actually was slower less crowded time because not as many people go out during the holidays. Opposite of the states. Anyways I got some pretty good deals. Some Chanel and Gucci...may or may not be real :) but it was all in good fun. It was funny to see some of our brand name stores here as well. Good ole Starbucks and McDonald's, and KFC seems to be everywhere and even Ace Hardware? Here are some pics of the mall situations.

Ace Hardware..

tons of "fashion" jewelry 

pretty much ever inch of free space is used in this mall 

mamma! clothes everywhere!

Apparently a slower day.. not that i had to squeeze by people at multiple times

little spaces with tones of stuff. whatever you could possible want was in the mall

It was a fun busy couple of days. Shopping is exhausting there..especially when you pretty much just barter the whole time. But i did walk away with some a couple great finds! :)

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful 1st day of January! 

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