Monday, January 9, 2012

a trip to Sapari

not going to lie i was kind of excited to get out of Malianu for a night. im kind of stuck at the same place here and there really ins't a whole lot to see. So going to another town seemed like a change of pace and something different. However, i was warned of A. the lack of internet, and B. no traditional toilets. (side note: we are in the one room that actually has a real very lucky) and C. more bugs that will bite then where we currently are. I wasn't really that worried about the internet thing and well...i just hoped for the best for the bathroom situation. Thankfully it wasn't horribly hot, it actually had been pouring rain all night to the point where its so loud you wake up because of it. The rain didn't really let up until the afternoon and I didn't understand why they wanted to wait for the rain to calm down but as we began our adventure i realized exactly why...the roads, the flooding, the stopping at massive pot holes deciding what dips seems less worse then others, roads that were now mini lakes that the motorcycles couldn't even get through. Let me just show you...

This is how much it rained...umm yes...houses completely surrounded by water

 A field totally covered in water

Us treading through the water hoping it wasn't to deep to go through

If you look closely through the window you can sorta see the massive pot holes in the was a fun drive.

I would like to mention that the edge of the pavement goes straight down...the road broke..and we were seriously that close to the edge! umm scary 

passed lots of little houses and huts

sadly i didn't get a good shot of some of the extensive jungle that was happening along the way...the area we were in all of the trees were used for paper and owned by some paper some areas where totally cleared... but here is some of the beautiful green along the way

The little village of Sapari is over an hour from where we have been staying and it is the more permanent home for my Grandma. They have a little shop with basic food items and they also sell all the weaving my Grandma does. She is one of the few people left who actually does this anymore. She is quite talented! This is one of the sets of shelves with things she has made and sells.

My Grandma lives with my moms youngest brother and his wife and kids. My moms brother loves animals and their cat just had kittens..they were sooooo cute! totally kept me entertained :)

Here is the kitchen area...and where they do most of the cooking..not like our stove tops at all.
And yes that is one of the kittens finding himself a little lunch

And now for a little reality check and something to be thankful for. Your bathroom. Because even though this was one of the cleanest and least smelly i've seen in these types of bathrooms they still aren't ideal.

It was a nice little trip but I am happy to be back with a real toilet and a little AC..and not to mention some internet. :) 

Hope you have a simply fantastic day!

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