Monday, January 23, 2012

home sweeeet home

are my roomies not the best for making me this sign! 
Hello Everyone! Let me tell you it feels SO GOOD to be home! After a total of 13 endless flights and delays and being sick I am finally home and finally feel somewhat back to normal after being away for almost a month. We flew in late last monday and it took me pretty much all week to get back into a more normal sleeping schedule, do tons of laundry, restock my kitchen and sleep off how completely exhausted I was from it all. It almost helped that we had some days off due to weather. But this will be my first full week back at work and why not make it even more hectic and throw in huge dinner party at the end of the week. Welcome home to me :) 

Anyways this week I will try to wrap up the Indonesia trip and show you tons of pictures that I didn't have a chance to do while I was away! Today I am going to show you the house that we were staying in. It actually is a little motel that my grandparents own. People usually come and stay for longer amounts of time though instead of quick trips. 

Here is the front of the house. 

Some views from the house...on a hill so it had some beautiful views

The living area...that no one ever really uses.

TV area...tiny tv and no couches...everyone sits on the floor 

The bathrooms normally looks like this in the area. Its more of a squat situation and tile thats built up in the corner is filled with water and is used to take a shower with. The bucket sitting there is how it pour it on yourself 

 THANKFULLY this was our situation. We had the one room in the place with an actual toilet! I seriously have never been so happy to see one in my whole life! 

Our room. We called it the green room because of its crazy bright green walls. The paint colors they have around here are primary and very limited.

 The other side of the room. Its pretty basic...they don't really use a lot of furniture.

Outside in between the house and the kitchen. Huge water tank and also the laundry area. The little thing thats covered in a blanket is the washing machine but it doesn't really work like our modern, throw it in and forget about it washing machines..more work then that. And you still hang your laundry out to dry. 

Or if there is no room left on the clothes line you let your clothes dry on the rocks.....
ummm yeah..

The kitchen. just stove tops. no oven..this looks so much better then it did compared to when we were there last time. 

other side of the kitchen sink and rain water faucet to use for cooking water

They also have a little pond in the back that they sometimes will fish out of. 

Phew! Sorry for the picture overload. Living in a totally different area with totally different living conditions for almost three weeks makes you very thankful for the little things we take for granted on a daily basis here in the states...your bathroom, microwaving your frozen lunch, or doing laundry...

I am very Happy to be home sweet home now.

 Have a simply wonderful Monday! 

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  1. It looks like it was an experience that pushed you out of your comfort zone, which is always good :) Love all of the pictures. I hope you're having a good start to your week!