Monday, January 9, 2012

The book i read in 3 days...thats real good for me!

When it comes to me and reading it’s one of those things I wish I did more. All through middle school and  most of high school I was a pretty avid reader. Especially during the summer months. It wouldn’t be a shock to go through a book a week. But as I grew up and went off to college the only reading I did was from a text book and to be honest I probably have read maybe half of two different books in the last 6 years…how sad. I was determined to pick up a couple books for this trip. And being unsure if I would have internet or not I figured I better have something fall back on. Aka: reading. 
I started the trip with The Happiness Project. A non-fiction book that I really enjoyed but that’s another post. Today is about the book that I started Saturday afternoon and finished Monday afternoon… One Day by David Nicholls. It’s very possible I would have stayed up  all Sunday night reading but with two other really sleepy people in my room the lights had to go out. It was recently made into a movie and I believe it just came out on DVD. No idea if it’s good but I vaguely remember hearing about what it was about and figured I would read the book before watching the movie…which is what I wanted to do with The Help but failed when my roomies were watching it and I couldn’t resist either. 

The book is a love story that is more like a cursed love story of two people who are too prideful to admit they want to be with the other. And with life and other boyfriends and girlfriends, the timing was just never right. Each chapter is dated July 15th with whatever year it is, and talks about where each of them are in their personal lives and in their life together. It was a book that after the first chapter I was immediately addicted to. One of those books where you just know they are bound to end up together and I’m not going to lie, they do. However, I didn’t see the end result of the book happening. I literally gasped out loud at the end of one of the chapters..haha.. silly but I must say it was a great light read. A perfect vacation or beach read. I’m a little sad I read the whole thing in 3 days…I could have drawn out the almost 500 pages over the next week. But with nothing better to do and annoyed with my internet I read. 

Anyways totally recommend it for all you ladies out there…now im almost hoping that this movie is one of the options on our flight back to the states…ugh..i really don’t want to think about the 14 hour flight…let’s hope I can pull some sympathy about losing our precious luggage and get an upgrade or a good discount on some upgraded seats ;) A girl can dream can’t she?

Have a simply lovely day :) 

PS: just checked the movies on the flight home and One Day is totally playing…lets hope that it somewhat lives up to the amazingness of the book…probably not but here’s to hoping :)

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