Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the pig.

Last night we had our big "family reunion"/ celebration for our Grandma. Prep for this celebration started days before. There were over 150 people invited and that meant over 100 mouths to feed. It is pretty traditional to kill a pig for big celebrations or in honor of someone. I don't have pics of the actual killing...maybe thats better for some of you who would not be pleased with this anyways. but I did snap a few pics of the the end of the hair removal and the cutting of the pig. This is quite a process and a lot of work. But the whole event turned out great. More on that tomorrow. but for now...the pig. 

the end of the hair removal. they burn the hair and scrap it off with knives

the skinning begins

the feet
..idk why i failed at getting his whole head in the pic...oops

the head and the bucket full of other parts

Pretty much this whole pig is touched by the whole family.. Its quite a process..the men do the killing and main cutting then it moves to another set of hands for the next step

Here the women are doing more of the clean up and cutting of the meat.

Pretty much every part of the pig is used and eaten. Including the intestines, brain, heart..you name it its eaten. A long process all done by hand. 

Hope you have a simply marvelous day!

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