Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years

Hello 2012! I must say that New Years has really grown on me the last..oh i don't know...4 or 5 years. It marks a time of new beginnings and a reason to get together and celebrate. I have been pretty fourtunate that the last 4 years I've actually spent New years eve with the same couple friends. We seem to almost always be in different places but it always worked out that we would spend New Years together. Sadly this year that is not the case. I was not sipping Champagne (my fav) and dancing the night away but I was with family that I never see...and among almost all 19 cousins that I apparently have here. It was fun but totally different. Part of me really missed the glitz and glamor that New Years is in the states but that doesn't take away from the reason we are here. To see and spend time with family. I will have many more glittery sequiny New Years. But lets just say I will be going big next year. But for now lets just take a trip down memory lane and look back at some previous New Years.

Happy 2008!

 Rang the New Years in with a speed walking competition :)

Silly pics to ring in 2009 with. And my two New Years Eve buddies. It was a fun 4 years :) 

Happy 2010! 

2011 New Years was spend out and about :)

With lots of fun on the Max :) except when we had to wait for it in the freezing cold forever! 

2012. With 16 of my 19 cousins.

Hope everyone is enjoying this amazing night!

Have a simply wonderful New Years! 

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