Thursday, December 29, 2011

we made it!

after another day of flying we have finally made it to our final destination. and let me tell you it is nice to just finally be here. Our first flight yesterday left at 6am..meaning we needed to be at the airport at 4am..meaning i was up at 2am to get to the airport. it was a long hot day and i seriously hadn't had any good sleep since we left on Sunday..and it was already Thursday...umm 5 days of hardly any sleep is way to much for me..everyone knows I neeeed my sleep. Once we got here and visited with people for awhile I laid down to rest for a while and pretty much was out until...well about 12 hours later. I am feeling so much better now! This morning we went to the Pasar..basically an open market. I wanted to get some food I could eat..because the dog that was on the table wasn't going to cut it. and let me tell you this isn't your normal grocery store :)

The entrance to the market

Fresh Produce

I am super lucky because a friend we met here in Oregon lives in the town we were in before our last flight and she came with us to spend some time with us for a few days. and the best part she knows ENGLISH! i have someone to talk to :) That guy next to her is one of my moms brothers.

Chicken anyone? nothing is packaged here...they just sit on the tile tables...
you see feel get it..

Same with the fish...yep those are eye ball..and shrimp behind them

or would you rather but a live chicken?? those are also available

So that was my morning.
Just another day in the village :)
hopefully will have a post on the crazy shopping that happened in Jakarta tomorrow!

Hope you have a simply wonderful friday? saturday? whatever day it is where ever you are

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