Thursday, December 15, 2011

10 days and counting..

apparently in 10 days we fly out for indonesia. and am i prepared? have I started packing or prepping for 3 weeks out of the country? answer: no. i have been thinking about the fact that i leave in less then two weeks but havent actually done anything about it. its hard to think about packing shorts are tanks when im freezing in my layers, scarves, and northface right now. i wish all my bags would pack and organize themselves. I wish my ipod would be updated with new music and new movies and that some great books and magazines would just appear in my carry on. was a really nice thought for a moment. And instead of being in reality today ill just continue my dreams into my dream travel accessories. I do love to dream. While browsing the online world earlier this week i stumbled across some to good to be true, overly priced amazing travel accessories. Someday right? actually i really don't think I can ever justify spending $1600 on a piece of carryon luggage. But hey i can at least look at it and admire right?

I'll start with something that won't totally break the bank. I am on the search for a great cross body bag that has a ZIPPER...key when traveling to the village... I LOVE this simple leather Coach bag. And it doesn't cost anything to outrage-ish.. $158.00. Obviously a little to pricy for me this month but I would love to own this.

Never really seen a point to having a passport okay with the nice navy blue passport but i do love these metallic covers. They are a little pricy at $56 bucks but you definitely would be traveling in style! These can be found over on See Jane Work. An amazing place to find the most stylish office supplies! 

Now for the fancy shmansy word: Burberry. Sigh..I mean don't get me wrong...spending $1,600 for simple a small carry on piece of luggage is out of the question and almost wrong but look at how pretty it is! 

I am also obsessed with this $250 makeup case. HOW CUTE IS IT!!? And my travel wouldn't be complete without this $50 luggage tag....

 Pretty sure my travel would be just a little bit more enjoyable with such fine travel accessories. But back to reality. Not going to happen. It was nice to dream though. 

Hope everyone has a simply dreamy thursday. 

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