Tuesday, December 6, 2011

19 days?

Most of you already know but if you don't in 19 days I am off to Indonesia...for 3 weeks!!! My mamma and I are heading out on Christmas day to visit friends and family in Indonesia. If you didn't know I am half Indonesian and my moms whole side of the family is there. It is a loonnngg trip. Just to get to the continent we have three flights and one of them is 14 hours long. woo hoo for me! And from there it's more flying to get to our final destination. If you are wondering where indonesia is it is right above Australia...see map below :)

I was kind of curious what the weather has been looking like...it's usually hot and humid...and looks like that is exactly what it is 90s...along with thunder and lightning and apparently rain to go with it :/ 

To be honest it doesn't seem real that in 19 days i will be flying out. I'm sure it really won't be real until I am packing and actually at the airport. I am excited to finally have some much needed time off from work. This is the first big chunk of time I have had off in...well....years.. Long overdue. I'm hoping to still blog and share lots of pictures while I am there. I'll temporarily turn into a little mini travel blog :)

Anyone else going anywhere for the Holidays? 

Hope you have a simply wonderful Tuesday! 

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