Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3 days later..

well it's official! we have touched down in Jakarta Indonesia this afternoon. After three long flights we are finally here! a few bumps along the way but nothing we couldn't handle/ are still handling. Lets start at the beginning..

December 25th. Not going to lie this Christmas definitely didn't seem like our typical Christmas. Christmas wasn't packed of Christmas trees and relaxing family time. Instead it was a rush to the finish line, or in our case the airport. We still were trying to jam everything into our 3 huge pieces of luggage that morning and hoping we wouldn't be charged to horrendous of an amount for the extra weight of our bags. Because of an anxious mother we were waaayyyy ahead of schedule and ended up being able to stop in Portland for a little pre-flight dinner and cocktail. Once at the airport we had our first little hiccup with our luggage. We had to much weight in each bag...no surprise to us however it was a surprise for them inform us that for even 2 pounds over the 50 pounds it would be an extra 100 bucks...meaning an extra 300 because all of ours were over weight. However, there was a solution. We each were apparently allowed not just one 50 pound bag but two because of the international flight. So the solution was to buy an extra piece of luggage and check another bag...and let me tell you it was way cheaper to buy another piece of luggage then pay $300 in extra charges. 

a little pre-flight glass of wine :) 

From there it was a flight from PDX to Vancouver for a few hour lay over then a horrible, annoying, 14 hour flight to Hong Kong on the worlds most uncomfortable plane. Now, I have taken these long flights before but I seriously have never been so uncomfortable in my life. I never could sleep for more then an hour and considering our flight didn't even leave until 2am..it pretty much meant i was exhausted. so 4 movies later and endless shifting and attempting to be comfortable we finally landed. Then it was just a short layover until we finally took off for Jakarta. Thankfully it wasn't a packed flight and I actually got a good couple hours of sleep.
Here we are taking off from Portland! 

Once off the plane it was immediately a hit of humidity and heat...we definitely were not in Oregon anymore. We had the star treatment going through customs..thanks to a little connection with some people who work at the airport but sadly our luck ended when we only had 3 out of the 4 pieces of luggage arrive. Sigh...always something right? We are still trying to figure out where it got lost but they have assured us we should have it back tomorrow. Lets hope we do. There are some important things in that suitcase. Other then that the travel wasn't to horrible...we have one more full day here in Jakarta then its off to our final destination. 

Here is a shot as we were coming into Hong Kong. Beautiful sun rise 

Anyways we had a nice afternoon in Jakarta. We stopped at one of the 80 malls this place has and had a late lunch and walked around. More details on that coming tomorrow. But for now I am actually going to get to lay flat for the first time in forever and get some sleep.

Have a simply wonderful day everyone! 

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