Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings are something that I have never personally been a huge fan of. Don't get me wrong..if money was not an issue at all it would probably be a consideration. I do love that you get to go away to a far away land, or tropical paradise and say those I do's. However, destination weddings are usually small intimate affairs. You have your closest friends and family attend. But sometimes not everyone you would want to attend can. Unless you are coughing up all of the travel money for people. Which lets face it...we aren't all Oprah...we can't fly everyone to Australia just because. And although destination weddings probably won't be an option for me there are some absolutely stunning  weddings. I mean who wouldn't want t get married in a castle in europe or the white beaches the bahamas? 

Destination weddings come with some AMAZING venues...who wouldn't want to tie the knot on the beautiful French Country Side??

Inside of an amazing french country side church?

It is almost to good to be true

Or a tropical paradise. With custom cocktails

Would be super fun to put together favor bags like these. Sun glasses, sunscreen etc.

Another bonus of a destination wedding. Stunning shots.

And stunning videos like this one from my go to wedding cinematographers Joe Simon Films.

Hope everyone has a simply wonderful Wedding Wednesday! 

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