Tuesday, December 13, 2011

parties and more parties

The last couple weeks have been full of parties and more parties. And you know I LOVE a good party. However, this last week was filled with more of the decor aspects of the parties, rather then hosting, or running the whole party. I have a few work things going on this week as well as a gender reveal party. It was a busy and fun week. And sadly my mind was not in the taking great pictures mode...but more along the lines of like...lets just get this done mode. So here are some of my not so amazing pictures iPhone pictures...but you will get the idea..

Last week at work I decorated 20 some tables for Winterfest. I work for a university so no actual "Christmas" parties. However, we do celebrate winter.... :) 

I kept things pretty simple.. used my mass collection of vases, pinecones, cinnamon sticks and other greenery. Kept things pretty natural looking. It was simple and turend out pretty well. 

 I also had a couple baby related things going on last week. Did some decor for an office baby shower...and of course never got pictures of it. But I did manage to take a couple pictures from a gender reveal party I made cupcakes for and also a couple other little decor pieces i did. 

Do we love the mason jars?

I also took one of my old frames that i had laying around that was painted black and glued some pink and blue ribbon to it and put this massive question mark on it.. The coloring didn't exactly turn out in this picture but you get the idea. 

I didn't actually set up for this event. My bestie came and picked up the goodies and did a great job of doing the whole set up. It turned out great! and i am happy to announce that her lovely sister and hubby are expecting a little boy. love it! 

Has anyone else's december been full of holiday parties?

Hope you have a simply wonderful Tuesday. 

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