Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My top 5

Lately I have been itching to travel...or to be able to be anywhere but Oregon. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy living here but I need a change of scenery for awhile. But unfortunately the whole full time job, owning your own Business and looking for a third job doesn't leave too much time for travel fun. But maybe with this third job i can save a take a real vacation next year... It does look like I will be going to Indonesia this Christmas though. And although I will be out of the country that won't exactly be a relax on a beach and be a tourist kinda trip. So i'm dreaming of far away place and where i want to be. Here is my top 5 Picks!

Pick number 5: New York

Who doesn't wanna go to New York? The hussle and bussle of the city! So much to do and see there! It's always been a top pick in my eyes.

Pick number 4: New Zealand/ Australia

Pick number 3: Ireland

Pick number 2: ITALY

I love everything about Italy. I've been there before but i would love to explore more of it! So beautiful and so much history.

My number 1 pick of where I want to be.....GREECE!

I don't know where my sudden fascination with Greece has been but I am head over heels for blue oceans and beautiful hillsides. If i could go anywhere right now it would be here :)

Sigh....Someday right? Where do you wanna go?

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