Monday, May 2, 2011

and its monday again..

this monday came way too soon. this was one jam packed weekend that was fun and alot of work all at the same time. i seriously think we need to instate 2 day weekends...because i am not too excited to head back to work. Maybe one weekend i'll actually have some time to myself...well its at least nice to dream about....

friday the mamma came to visit me :) we went to happy hour at Magenta, went to a softball game, and went out with some friends later that night. Then got breakfast went to the saturday market and pedicures on Saturday. It was fun and fun to spend some time together. We were both exhausted after out pedicures and ended up going home and napping before she headed out...haha

after she left my prep for Sunday Nights dinner party started. I had errands and baking to do and my exhaustion from the week was starting to catch up with me. Sunday we finished prep and headed to Monmouth. About a year ago we auctioned off a dinner at a Relay for Life Auction. It went to a young women who decided to use the dinner for her parents 42nd anniversary. It was a fun dinner and we went with a country chic theme for decor. It ended up being a cute dinner and one of our smoothest dinners ever! No disasters or things to overcome. Just one smooth dinner party. If they only were all like that....

im happy with how it turned out. anyways hope everyone has a simply wonderful wonderful as a monday can be.

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